Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Psychedelic Colour Laziness


2 whole months of nothingness is BLISS.

I've loved this look ever since I saw this photo by photographer/stylist Lala from welovelala.com. There's just a sort of sexy laziness that the photo exudes that is very appealing to me.

Then I saw another version of the dress by Australian label Milk and Honey ilovemilkandhoney.com [eh? welovelala, ilovemilkandhoney?].

A similar colourblock dress but with extra cuteness.

Then while online shopping, I saw this. Note that I didn't search for the dress AT ALL.

Saw this BCBG dress on ebay.com.sg. Gorgeousness.

And yet another similar rainbow dress. In chiffon as well.

It's like I'm meant to get it. You think?


woyaokuang said...

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ambika said...

These all look so cosy, like you could wear them around the house--but stylish enough that you wouldn't feel like a hobo going to get breakfast. Very cute.

lindz said...

i love those dresses!!!!!

Moi said...

Such gorgeous colors! these dresses remind me of those swirly lollipops that you can get at a fair or an amusement park :)