Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ok, I love hoodies. Everytime I go to an online boutique I would look at their sweater collection and get excited upon sight of a hoodie.

Initially I thought it was just a hoodie-loving phase but now I'm thinking it's too long to be a phase which means that my love for them is true. Haaaaahaha.

From StyleHive I found Mod Cloth.

Cloud People Hoodie

Secret Garden Hoodie

Ahoy Hoodie

Beside cute hoodies I also adore these dresses.

Samantha Sweater Dress

Professor Pug Dress

I want to make a dress like this!
Psh, fine. Maybe MAKING it is a bit farfetched.
But I can buy a dress like that and print pretty things on it.
Off to American Apparel!

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Moi said...

awwww the first hoodie...may have been the cutest hoodie i've ever seen.