Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pretty vintage dresses.

BIG YAY! Only one more paper to go!

BIG BOO, my online shopping stuff are not here :(

It's been 2 days and usually that's how long it takes. I didn't opt for registered mail this time, I thought, what the hell, I'll just wing it this time round. Bah.

Which is why I am putting off online spree shopping for a while.

I really want a nice vintage dress. Now, I have come to realise I don't like vintage, BUT I am a big fan of the pretty, flowy kind of vintage frocks or dresses.

I want 1) the print, 2) the fab colour, 3) her blonde-liness.
I don't want the satin material though, I want... chiffon!

On a totally different note, you see how she's trying to pose cutely, but damn it fails. The dress is still adorable on you honey.

Anyway, like this, lots of chiffon!
Vintage doesn't mean I must look like my granny.
I would update the dress by taking a couple of inches off the hem.

Or a babydoll dress. has several dresses that would make me a very complete person, but the price tags are a little way out of my league. Way, waaaaaaaaaay out of my league.

I know! I'll scour the spree sites! But ONLY for pretty chiffon-y vintage dresses. Yes.

So much for putting off online shopping.


Moi said...

I love chiffon dresses!! I'm also waiting for those dresses to go on sale (big discount) at :(

emigre said...

anthropologie's stuff is nice...