Friday, October 27, 2006

Web Window-shopping

I apologise for the missing updates, all of a sudden I am unexpectedly very busy. Among all the festivities of Hari Raya, there're school projects, talentime finals as well as an upcoming event x_x.

I have less than an hour of free time before I go to sleep because I'm waiting for people to get on msn so that I can send them important stuff.

Right, won't waste time, I NEED TO SHOP. I badly need to shop.

And now that I'm online I'll visit the first place that comes to mind: TopShop.

Ok, apparently their servers are too full.

Psh, fine. I shall visit Forever21 instead.

These are some stuff that I found worth waiting for the page to load for.

There's just something endearing about their hoodies.

I wish H&M would just open a shop here. Reading other people's blogs and their H&M treasure finds is tiring me :(.

FYI, H&M did consider opening a shop here in Singapore but eventually they didn't because they felt they wouldn't profit. Uh, Hellllooooo. Check Topshop, Warehouse, Mango, Zara, Forever 21 amongst many others?

Read an article in the papers recently, saying that Singaporean shoppers get bored easily and want new places to shop at, which is why we're visiting Vivocity only for the first GAP store. I totally agree.

How's about it, H&M?

I don't think I'll be posting anything soon. Will be back next week!

1 comment:

nyima said...

woah, i love that sweater! i lurve graphics on jumpers/tees!

topshop takes way too long to load, and its FAAAAAAAAAAAAAARR too expensive...

anyway, lurve those clothes, adios!