Saturday, June 03, 2006

Zouk Flea and Easy

Ok, bargain hunters, I was going to keep this to myself but that wouldn't be Fashionable. It is very Singaporean though, heh.

Flea & Easy - Zouk's flea market and afternoon party meets the CLEO Young Entrepreneur Showcase
from 2-7pm

Flea & Easy
Flea and Easy is back and this time in an even bigger way, teaming up with the Cleo Young Entrepreneur Showcase!! Get your hands on the usual Flea and Easy bargains at Zouk plus one-of-a-kind items created by budding artists especially selected by Cleo, at stalls located at Phuture and Zouk Members Bar.

Bring your June CLEO issue and get goodie bags* and perks* from Gobi, Amore, have a go at Numerology readings and more!

Remember: Great bargains+alcohol+good tunes = Flea and Easy

Admission is free

Alcohol will be served? Yay for some nay for moi because usually that means there's an age limit. Is there? If so then I will for the first time in my life dread being 17. Then when I do get legal there'll be a certain club I'll condemn and not visit for their previous discrimination of who can shop thrift!

Yes, I am the drama queen when it comes to shopping.

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