Saturday, June 03, 2006

Beach wear

I've been a bit obsessed with beachwear recently. And of course, after you move past the actual swimwear, you'll then concern yourself with accessorising and what to wear to the beach itself.

These are some fab ways to wear that new bikini to the beach.


Cardigans do something arresting to sexy swimsuits.


The belt is an interesting element in the outfit.


I like this particular beach get-up... It's so simple. Reminds me of something I would see at Muji.

Button shirt

Wear a loose fitting button blouse as a coverup. The most versatile look, they're easy to put on and off, and you can opt to wear it buttoned or unbuttoned.

Carolina Herrera


Old t-shirt

The most fuss-free look of the lot. To up the style factor, fold and crop like they did at D&G.

Vintage tees would work great.


The kaftan/tunic over the swimsuit is a classic.



I do notice that these looks cover only the upper part of the body. To cover up the lower half:
1) Short shorts.
2) Denim skirt. Easy to match and get in and out of also.
3) Anything linen
4) Sarong. Works as a skirt as well and a wrap.
5) According to the runway, you don't! Right.

Of course there are many other ways of swimwear coverups. It's all about experimenting with comfort and um... what do you call the ease of getting in and out of clothes? Accessibility?

Accesorizing is a must of course.
My favourite accessory for the beach would most definitely have to be the sun hat. They are the ultra in beach chic.

Zac Posen
Sonia Rykiel
John Galliano

I found the perfect sun hats at NUM, just deciding whether I can stand to spend $50 on them. I've already spent so much, and the rest of my money already have plans. Bplft.

Random swimwear picture


Hippie beach bunnies?

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