Thursday, June 29, 2006

Men's Spring/Summer 2007 Part 2

Burberry Prorsum

Trenchcoats and bunched-up sleeves dominate. I love bunching up sleeves because it changes the whole feel to the outfit. It's a great way to casualise a too-polished outfit.

The looks are also quite androgynous, I could myself wearing the very same pieces the models are without changing anything.


The Versace man this season is not sloppy, but slouchy in a glamorously cool kind of way. He also loves his bare chest, and has or creates for himself, nice broad shoulders.


Over at Prada, short shorts dominate. I like the colour contrast of dull hues like sleet gray with a whole array of vivid disco colours.

Actually this particular show seems to be a display of contrasts. There's the contrasting short shorts and long-sleeves, for one. Spot some more, anyone?

Vivienne Westwood

Why did I not expect a dress to turn up again? A manly man dress complete with manly man giant frills!

The nautical sailor trend gone too far by making blonde model wear baby rompers. But I can just imagine this with so many layers. Let's try to make it... cleaner.

Take a lil of Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Neil Barrett, put them together and you get...
Ta-dah. I like putting images together like this. It always fascinates me how models all seem to have the same body that you can almost see no mismatch.

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