Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Australian Fashion Week '06

I have the perception that Australians are laid-back people, so I assume that they own simplistic incomplex outfits that are easily put together. I'm not that off the mark if we'd take a look at the

What I like really would be that their clothes are made for all-year sunny weather. So what you see on the runway, can be copied exactly without the subtraction of a certain article of clothing and whatnots. The convenience is nice for a change.

I'm not totally off the mark it seems. Their runway shows shows some easily put together ensembles. Here are some of my favourites.

Camilla And Marc
A foolproof shirtdress made for summer.


I've been looking for a similar floaty chiffon dress. Love the footwear. I shall try my best to attempt it because I do not like socks.

Alannah Hill

A little too much green for me but the shade is flattering. I like the bow too.


Cute, never thought gingham would match cartoony.

Aurelio Costarella

Pretty Greek goddess.

Kirrily Johnson

Ravishing. Colour combo, electric blue waist belt, deep pockets at the side, subtle bubbling of the skirt. I love it in all its mere 3-piece glory.

The best label so far would have to be Caravana because of their whimsical vintage designs.

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