Monday, April 17, 2006

Handphones which rock stylishly.

So if you came here via my personal blog then you would already know that I need a new phone.

My required specs are simple. It needs to be able to play music, it looks good.

The first phone that comes to mind naturally because of it's madonna crammed into one phonebooth with other less glamourous stars advertisement would be the Motorola Rokr E1.

Music: Yes it does, even is iTunes compatible - how convenient.
Style: Ew. Look like Madonna NOT.

I read reviews too that the phone isn't all that hyped up to be. But it was promised that the second version of it, Motorola Rokr E2 would be much better with improved everything. I would get it except that it's still not launched yet.

Music: Yes with iTunes of course.
Style: Well, it does look much cuter. If only it was of a different colour...

Then there were the other phones from, I think Sony Ericsson that didn't look so hot but plays music. Would've searched for it but I cannot be bothered because my dad got a new phone and they call it the Motorola V3i.

Behold! Motorola V3i!

Music: iTunes compatible baby. Very easy to transfer music and play-menu like an iPod.
Style: SEXY SLEEK! The flatness, the sheen, loves it.

The only problem is, my dad will not part with it.

Oh well, I can get it at $198 with a 2-year plan which is not bad at all. It's just that having the same phone as your dad is so......... I don't know, unsettling. What if i decide to make a sex video ala Tammy and our phones got mixe-ewww can't even begin to imagine.

Besides, having the same phone with your dad is like wearing the same clothes.

Unless i can convince him to get another phone of equal value like the Samsung X700.

Music: It has an mp3 player embedded and that's all I want.
Style: Doesn't look too shabby. Apparently it has a rubberized texture. Which means that it won't be shiny, but hey, perhaps it's a good change.

Actually, you know what if he's still adamant about keeping the more sexy sleekier v3i then I don't mind having this one.

Wait! what if i get a v3i of a different colour?! CNET Asia says it comes in blue, violet, maroon and GOLD! talk about matching my gold-complementary outfits! hyuk!

My personal favourite would be the maroon one because it looks like deep pink. Sexy sleek Paris Hilton style much?

If I could get my hands on the gold ones though, of course I'll get the gold one. Apparently it comes in Gold and Limited Edition Liquid Gold. Riiight...

First one's the Gold. The only very subtle difference would be the more matte appearance of the LiquidGold, like I'd die.

I can't seem to find any phones with a mirror in front, like my current LG 7100 though.

Lets me be vain, subtly, heh.

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