Thursday, April 13, 2006

Technicolour Tights

I wash my hands off coding the website. It's fine though, like my majorly plain site the runway model should never steal the focus away from the outfit, right?

I was inspired by ELLE and decided to do my first feature on, well, Technicolour Tights. These solid-coloured tights, footless or not, have made several noted appearances on the runway this Spring.

Myself have not seen them on people in real life, not even impressionable individuality-seeking youth who choose to stick to their red fishnets [EUGGGHH by the way.].

Jean Paul Gaultier
These vividly orange pair make you sit up and notice, but doesn't detract the eye from the whole ensemble. Very complementary.

Jean Paul Gaultier
Cute. The season's hot neo look made less work-appropriate, coupled with bright yellow stockings.

Anna Sui
Anna Sui
Translucent purple footless with floaty dresses. Psychedelic ethereal? Loves it.

Central Saint Martins
Aah, a skirt suit over electric blue. Lolita much?

Veronique Branquinho
I like the idea of peekaboo tights. I hate wearing mini skirts with footless tights, they are so overrated. I guiltily learnt that the hard way.

Peekaboo neon turquoise! The Japanese people rock. They experiment like hell hath no fury.

Rihanna in hot pink tights. I love this outfit, very modern disco.

Personally, I love them immensely. I just haven't been able to find one. Colourful flashy tights aren't exactly coveted in Singapore. Even when I do find one, they're leggings made for the petite Asians and hence too short for my longer legs.

When that happens it cuts my calf in 2, and that, is a fashion faux pas because it makes you have half a leg. I like feeling tall.

So till the perfect pair of technicolor tights comes my way, i'll stick to my black stockings.

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