Monday, April 17, 2006

Ballet Flats with Straps, please.

I have an obsession with ballet flats. Pointy, round-toed, lacy, shiny, peep-toed, you name it, I love it.

But what I really have a fascination for would be the ballet flats with the ballet lace ribbon thing going on. Pretty much like these:

Marc by Marc Jacobs

What started the obsession: These not-very-affordable-at-all but oh-so-perfect ballet pumps that I read about from I am Fashion.
Palladium 'Freerubber' Ballet Flats from

I cannot seem to find adorable perfect ones in Singapore though and that annoys the crap out of me.

So much so that I'm considering buying the really real ballet shoes from dance stores.

InspirationTM Pointe Shoe from Leo's Dancewear

Of course I'll have to figure out how to remove the painful wooden base at the tip of the shoes, but hey if I can't then you're damn right I'll suffer for the sake of the ultimate in girly chic.

Speaking of ballet pumps, these are what I'm eyeing now.

Party Glitter Red Pumps from French Sole

Glittery Red Pumps like the ones Dorothy wore from Wizard of Oz! They've been going for a pricey $60 at x:odus since they were launched and still not showing any signs of a 20% off. Damn it. I'll get it soon enough though, offer or not.

Metallic Ballet Pirouette Pumps from French Sole

I saw a nice metallic pair at Far East Plaza going for $20 but I've seen some pretty decent ones at $10 only so I'll keep looking.

Ok, so I definitely cannot afford these ultra luxurious Chanel quilted lambskin flats, but I do so covet them.

Everyone needs at least a pair of ballet pumps in their shoe wardrobe because I can't think of any excuse so if you don't already own one, you're a sad, sad being. :)


melissa said...

You rock la woman. I want to be guest blogger, ASK ME ASK ME!!! C'mon! Heh =D

Sha said...

i know i rock ;). uh ok fine, do you want to be a guest blogger?