Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hello Kitty is LOVE

What is wrong with wearing Hello Kitty?! My friends contort their faces at the mere mention of hello kitty.

Hello Kitty is ultimate cuteness and I wouldn't mind wearing it without worrying that people would think less of me!

Now go and endorse Hello Kitty!

Wet Seal has some nice Hello Kitty wearables.

Hello Kitty Party Animal Tee
On offer at USD$7.99! I'd totally get this! If I'm not already broke from the excessive online shopping that I've done.

All Over Hello Kitty
On offer as well at $7.99.

Hello Kitty G-String
Cuteness is hotness at $4.80.

Sleepy Polar Fleece Pant
$16.50. Come on, surely you want to wear adorable comfy piece to bed. has the widest range of to-die-for Hello Kitty merchandise! Super Kawaii!

I've wanted a mini fridge since ever and this is just the perfect one.

A Hello Kitty mouse! I need a new mouse!

A Hello Kitty fender?! Freaking Kidding me!!!


Moi said...

Damn right! I got my niece a Hello Kitty back pack for xmas. I'd get that mouse for myself!!

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