Friday, December 22, 2006

I want me some pretty clutches!

I apologise the millionth time for the lack of updates. It's been raining heavily the past few days and the temptation to do nothing but eat, sleep, watch tv all day is too hard to resist.

To make up for the lack of updates, I'm going to make your shopaholic bargain-loving spine go all tingly. did it again. They have pretty clutches! And they're on sale! All these featured ones are below USD$20, and the lowest is going for a crazy $3.80!

Reserved Glam
Glitter Buckle Clutch in the style of Pamela Anderson

I like this kind of glitter. It's matte-ified so it exudes a more quiet glam.
Knot Metallic Purse in the style of Elle Macpherson

Satin Clipframe Clutch in the style of Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas


Patent Clutch
It comes in pink and cobalt blue.
This bubblegum pink can be the nice twist to an outfit.

Retro Disco Clutch in the style of Misha Barton
Retro disco indeed! Boogie wonderland!
Oversized Patent Clutch in the style of Nicole Richie

Somehow this attracts me.
I don't know whether it's the weird-cool purple or its $3.80 price tag.

Patent Prowess
Patent Clutch And Chain bag
Nicole Patent Clutch in the style of Nicole Richie

I've not come across any wine-red patent before.
It's kinda nicer than the usual blaring red one, agree?

Animal Instict
Animal Pouch And Chain in the style of Stella McCartney

Accesories are as far as I'll go with mammal skin.
I much prefer my reptile proudly faux skin anytime. Hence...
Croc Patent Clutch

Paris Snake Wrist Clutch in the style of Paris Hilton

I WANT THIS. Fuschia + Snakeskin = Hot stuff.

Buzzing on your seat yet? Unbelievable there's more variety where these selections came from. GO NUTS.


Moi said...

I NEED the Nicole Richie Oversized Patent Clutch and the Elle Macppherson Knot Metallic purse!!

Dior Baby said...

Yummy! I love those clutches. Especially the Mischa and Paris ones.