Friday, December 22, 2006

Tokyo Style Clash HOT OR NOT

So i came across Tokyo Style Clash via StyleBubble.

Super long post! Well, not really. Just a lot of photos.

My favourite of the lot.
I love the purple bag, love the oversized beanie, love her hair that I'm striving towards, love that grey tunic, love the fact that she can work pants that are too short.

I like the simplicity of this outfit.
It's clean, but the shirt coat makes it look a bit more scruffy and effortless.

Which reminds me, I need to look for that perfect black skirt.
Perhaps I should find a black dress that can double as a skirt?

Total biker chick. I love black to death and this is just one of the many ways of wearing an all-black outfit - by playing around with texture and material.

This purple mini kimono is so adorable.
If I'm ever forced to cosplay, I'll come dressed as her.

The best way to wear a loud vivid coloured anything really, is to downplay the rest of the outfit in neutral shades.

Gaucho? Check. Houndstooth print? Check. Red? Check. Wedges? Check and mate.
She is the perfect trend whore of the year. Woo!

Funny how that headgear doesn't look ridiculous on her.
Love the trench, love the usage of the colour green.

How surreal is this?
Garden pretty with an edge.

She has a super kawaii pink guitar! COOL!
Oversized pink bear what?

Stylish men come forth!

He looks like such a diva doesn't he? I can imagine having a bitching session with him at some posh cafe.
Rocking that cardigan and the scarf, dah-ling!

Kudos for wearing pink and yellow and for having excellent colour coordination.
He kinda looks like he's going to get beaten up by the neighbourhood kids but wait! He can scare them off with his awesome pink animal print fedora! RAAA!

I'm bored, ok?

Two words. Wicked coolness.

Heeeeeeeeey ho I'm a fashionable fisherman!
Awesome boots and tunic. And I love how he wears that jacket - with only one button done and ruched sleeves.

Spread some vindicated MJ love ya'all!
I want his jacket.

There's just something about guys who can pull off shorts.
Love them shoes as well.

That was fun. If you're as bored as bird poop or procrastinating, you can go through, according to Susie Bubble, a whopping 1,400 looks and pick your favourites as well.

Cheers, I'm off to plot ways to get to Japan!

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Moi said...

Love LOVE the mini kimono dress!! If you had that on, what boy could resist you?!