Friday, February 13, 2009

More Meows

Overload of gorgeousness prettiness!

How can I not love cats?

[image credit: foto_decadent]

Awesome photography, though you lose the model everytime. Even in close-up shots. Hm. But the fashion looks fun. I can't imagine the fun it must be to plan and co-ordinate these photoshoots.

And it's true that cats can't be bothered with people when they're not kittens anymore, but that's their beauty.

I miss my Aunt's cat. I'm not ready for a cat of my own yet, so if I feel lonely and spinster-ish, I visit my Aunt. Haha. I kid, I enjoy making fun of my Aunt as well :p

Mareno!!! *cat jumps in fright and attempts to squirm away from my jaws-like grip uh i mean cuddle*

By the way has anyone seen my resolutions? I forgot where I put them.


5 more days!



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Awesome photography, but I hate cats.

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