Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pattern Pandemonium

I'm sooo upset right now because I can't seem to download Photoshop. I have officially stopped photographing simply because I can't upload them onto my laptop. Upset.

Rants aside, I didn't realise how far I've been gone from blogging until I looked at my last post which was almost 2 weeks ago.

I miss patterns.

[photo credit: foto_decadent]

Fantastic shots and the chaotic arrangement is inspiring.

Those hand-painted tattoos makes me want to draw up random sketchings on my stockings - something I saw from someone's blog a looonng while ago (can't remember which, uber sorry). But then again, my relationship with DIY has never been smooth.


Off to watch Kung Fu Panda now! Yaaay I like Pixar/Dreamworks movies! I actually mistook the name for "Panda-monium", because of some mag article title, so imagine my friends' perplexed faces.

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aizat.cinta.goddess said...

wow!!those pictures are fierce!!
love bold prints!!

view my fashion blog!!

love from KL