Saturday, June 21, 2008

Of White Tights and the Missing Red One

I promised myself I'd go all out and post a few things that I thought about but let's see. Woke up at noon, lazed around, stepped out of the house for a moment to look for DIY stuff (more on that in later posts).

Sooo annnyyywaaaay. I've had my eye on white stockings, but they always go out of stock so fast.

Another thing to envy: the tuxedo shoes! Darn my no-money-ness-ity.

News flash I am ass broke.
In not splurging on clothes I made up for it buying make-up that accumulated to a lot :(

I'll probably get the baby pink ones if I stilll can't get my mittens on the white.

What happened to my red stockings?! *pulls apart wardrobe*

[Fab photos from FaceHunter]


Lord of the Rings marathon on the tube later on I am soo excited. Only movie that will ever fangirl me up all over hot elves and takehometomummy hobbits. Which explains why I've cooped myself at home for the weekend. Ciao.


aizat.cinta.goddess said...

no need to ask people to get the glam from malaysia..i heard glam already have at ur local bookstore..

maybe i ca put singaporean model name suzanna abu who make a gig wave in KL..

ok_jk said...

Hi! You're back!! :D Well actually I'm back too. Too much travelling!

Anyways, ooh! I really liked your pattern post! Haha, and agreed w/ the completely broke statement - no more travelling, no more shopping, no more EATING! GAH! I need to save some money!

Did you end up getting the white or the pink stockings?

Anonymous said...

White stockings look like ballet people actually wear them out?

I'm v curious! Cos I really like them too..but Im afraid they will look weird...haha

Anonymous said...

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