Saturday, November 03, 2007

Of the Quaint and the Quirky

I didn't realise I was not posting for quite some time. Anyway Friday was the last day of school for me and Monday will be the first day of internship!

Thank goodness I was there to hunt for the place first, it was nestled in the middle of these other shophouses and I almost couldn't find my way around, even with the help of a map.

Nonetheless, I'm quite excited :)

I can see colourful shophouses alongside dilapidated ones as well, awesome.

The place I'm interning at is located along this alleyway.
So quaint I could just die :)

I saw this mighty colourful quirky wallet from Bugis Street and I knew I had to get it. I wanted to get the nicest most perfect vintage sling bag I've ever touched but someone else bought it, booo.

An Elmer the Elephant wallet! It's a character from a children's book, in case you had no childhood, hmmmpphh.

Fine so Elmer was new to me as well, but isn't this adorable! It is imported from Japan, so I suppose it has to be cute? Anwyay, I was so tempted to buy the phone pouch and make-up case too.

Mandatory close-up shot :)

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