Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mildly Fashionable Rambling

I dozed off in my living room waiting for a movie to load and was awakened by hasty knocks [doorbell had no batteries] and unintelligible shouts [*knocks* "Waaaaaaaaiii!" *knocks*].

Thinking what the hell was going on I groggily walked towards the door cursing the person's impatience. As I was nearing the door, it creaked open and immediately closed back. "Shoot, I didn't lock the door, did I?!"

I froze and inched forward slowly in a fighting stance, ready to kick. Then as suddenly as the first time it creaked open again and a package flew in!

I could recognise that manila wrapping anywhere.

"MAILLLLL!!!" I screamed [silently] in delight and relief!!!

More specifically, mail for ME!

Much more specifically, dresses in the mail for moi.

Yayness -_-.

Do not keep the mail man waiting or he'll wail. Che-che-check it out it rhymes yo! sorta, mail or he'll wail. Whatever.

I'll remember to lock the door next time.

Honestly this just happened, right down to the fighting stance part. I thought if it's some bastard trying to break in, at least I could break his hands first. Mother's constant nagging is getting to me, an aunt's house was robbed in broad daylight before :(.


I'm more than happy with the dresses, though one is loose. My fault though, measuring for size is not my habit at all.

I will post photos soon now that I know where my memory card adapter is *coughsSHERMINcoughs*.

Of course I could use the USB cable but making excuses to not do so is easier work. Oops.


I'm going to attempt to make prettier fried mars bar.

It's sinfully delicious enough for me but they look like dollops of dough. Ugly.

Oh yeah, for extra yumminess, add a bit of ground cinnamon.

And must serve with vanilla ice-cream, the cold will strangely and illogically ease the heaviness of the dish. Lastly, have very very sparingly unless you wanna say bye to the waistline.


Help Myanmar/Burma :(.


Told you this was pure rambling. The dress in the mail part was mildly fashionable hence appropriate right? No? Pssssh fine.

Christian Dior Couture from Fall '07

Honestly, Dior's the only couture collection that I look forward to every season.
Galliano is pure genius.

Been a while since I last blogged like this. Feels kinda nice :)

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