Monday, October 01, 2007

BeanNewYork: Uncommonly Lovely Baby Threads

One advice, never ever take prune juice before sleeping unless you want to be woken up constantly by the incessant gurgling of the bowel and running to the loo. Unnecessary info, I know, but I'm still cranky from lack of sleep *grumbles*.

Squealfest alert! Unless you hate babies [*Gaassssp* Monster, you.].

Because of BeanNewYork, I now want to have a baby! Then I can dress the little bug up like a pretty drool-worthy piece of squishy cupcake.

Apparently it's been spotted on Baby Kingston and if it's good enough for Gwen Stefani's baby it's good enough for mine.

This is such an adorably quirky onesie [they're called onesies!!! CUTE!] :

Drumming squirrel? Genius.

This is such a fabulous coat ever. It's reversible too.
I'll have it in adult size please.

Ballet flats + socks= Pixie socks!
PIXIE socks! Where do they come up with these names...

They also have the most adorable baby hoodies and beanies!

AWWWwwwwwWWWwww googlie wooglie embarrassing baby babbleeee...

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