Monday, June 18, 2007

Personal Styling into Gymming

Ever since I signed up with a gym I've been quite obsessed with what to wear, naturally.

Besides, I think it makes sense that the right apparel should not only be comfortable to work out in, but it should also make you feel like working out. So I don't care if it's silly to put so much thought in what I'm wearing to the gym, hmmmmppph.

Urban Outfitters
have all the go-to-gym essentials that I looovvveee, especially their tshirt collection.

Anyway, here's how I'd like to go to the gym in, yaaaaay.


You could wear the typical sports bra/tank thingy, but I personally like a bit more cloth on me. So that when I change out of it I'd feel somehow lighter, haha.

I need to get one of these boy tanktops. I'd feel fierce in them.

On a random not, Ciara wore a white wifebeater in her "Like a Boy" music video, I thought that whole androgynous 'gangsta' look totally worked.

So flashdance! Cheesy, but I love it!

Can you say flashdance again? I'd wear this for yoga.

The T-shirts! They deserve another different post but unfortunately I think the next few days is going to be a wee bit tight, so this way at least they do receive some sort of credit :)

What? Everybody loves Hello Kitty.

Hey! Mary Kate, wait I mean Ashley, no wait, oh pooh, one of the Olsen twins wore this!

Gorgeous colour, nice cut, and a deep message *cough*.
I think I'm into this phase whereby I like big font on tshirts. I'm thinking those fashion groupie tshirts from House of Holland rubbed off on me.


The classic: shorts.

I want to get one of these camo print cargos as well, but in a shade of grey. Saw someone wearing it out on the streets today.


Yay, my favourite part. Urban Outfitters is new love because they have a nice hoodies.

Yay, pandas.
How's about a short-sleeved hoodie?
I got one the other day while out shopping. Loved it, though I've not worn it out yet.
The romper is great for the beach, works as well as a gym coverup.
The appeal is that it's cute and it's so easy to wear.

Well, that's my preferred gym style for you. Have fun looking for yours :)


Joyce said...

YOUVE BEEN TAGGED! Check my blog for more info!

Jennifer said...

Love it all especially the plain grey sweat shirt!