Monday, May 07, 2007

Tale of the Pink Bike and the Red Dress

Ask me why I want to wear a dress when I bike.

[Source: Facehunter]
It's all about the image, baby.

Unfortunately I don't have a pretty dress that is flowy for practical reasons, nor do I have a pink bike. Or a working bicycle for that matter.

And during the blue moon that I do go biking I'd probably have to rent it so the bike is usually the typical ugly grey ones.

So the story ends before it even began.

She's also wearing transparent jelly flats.

Now I see jelly flats everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE, and it's just one of those things that I neither hate nor love.

It's pretty obvious I'm a bloody cheapskate and jelly shoes are pretty cheap [you can get them for about $10 per pair?] and I heard they're comfortable. Yet I still feel nothing for it. Hmm.

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Moi said...

I love! Just the other day I took my bike that I got in China out in a dress and heels.