Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wear File: White, Black and Glitter Red

I forgot I could take pictures of my outfits! But not again until I get a new mirror. I have a really dirty mirror. Or at least get some hardcore detergent. It's unbelievable how tough mirror junk is to get off.

Ok so I got tickets to the Dancefloor to support someone I barely knew.

Anyway, theme of the day was to wear white.

All my whites were in the wash, and I'm left with only an oversized shirt. So I was going to wear this:

Men's oversized shirt, Mom's pencil skirt
Tee hee, look at me being all StyleDiary.

I was attempting to pull off lazy secretary on a Saturday, but didn't quite turn out that way. I figured the skirt was not pencil-y enough and high waisted enough.

So I was almost ready to wear something but white and risk exile because I'm a dress code traitor until I spotted this white shirt at the back of my closet.

I bought the white shirt at a $2 store! Woo! It's quite thin, but that makes it airy and comfortable, I like.

Further closet digging produced this emsemble:

Houndstooth cape jacket from Taiwan, $2 white shirt, skinny jeans from online that are too loose (hence my grunt against online shopping).

Finally, my cape jacket gets some airtime. Here's a closeup because it's pretttttyyyyyyyy.

And yes, based on both outfits I was quite adamant to wear my glitter red pumps. Glitter, red, pumps - 3 of my favourite things on my feet. I LOVE.

I photoshopped the photo to make the shoes super gorgeous by dulling the rest of the picture, hee.


Moi said...

Oh you look cute! YOu should take pictures more often :D
I LOVE your cape jacket and the red pumps. They are darling!

Sha said...

Hee hee thank you! I know, you blogged about the cape jacket before :P