Thursday, March 01, 2007

In the PINK.

1) MY mom is the super duper bestest no-words-could-describe-her-coolness mom EVERRRR!

2) I now own a functional digital camera! At the best deal ever too. A friend tipped me off about a promotion, I told my mother, and she actually went and bought it, that gorgeous sneak!

It retails at $599 but I got it at $529 with 1 GB memory card! Unfortunately the promotion ends today -_-||

Now, a while ago I did mention I wouldn't mind the black or white DSC-T10 and even mocked the colour pink.

Well. My mom loves the pink. You know what, I LOVE THE PINK!

I feel a wee bit bimbotic everytime I hold it, but to hell with that, it's so pretty!

I can't quite capture the true colour of the camera, but trust me it's pretty :) This picture is also the less blurry ones, using flash will just cause a light spot off the mirror.

Can't be bothered to photoshop either, tech bimbo that I am it took me ages to figure out how to upload the pictures onto the computer.

Yes, the word "Stripper" is on my coincidentally pink shirt. NO I do not think it is tacky in any way. In fact, it's funny kitschy cute. Hmph.

In celebration of all things pink!

Paul Smith

Diane Von Furtensberg


Carlos Miele