Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Oversized Prada Bag

I finally went to town over the weekend!

First, I want to karaoke again! This time with vengence. They installed something into the karaoke system that FORCES you to stop. Bah.

Second, I was shopping for boots for a NINE YEAR OLD. Even I don't own a pair, are you kidding me. And they were such a pretty pink pair and bears the same price as a pair of cheap adult boots at $60 with 20% off.

Third, my mother is a perfume freak and I think I am slowly turning into one.

Fourth and the true purpose of this entry, I saw someone carrying a Prada oversized carry-all that I saw online before but thought it looked pretty blah but it looked fabulous on him.

I even exclaimed "that is a gorgeous bag" out loud and did some blatant finger-pointing at the bag. I don't do that.

Unlike the slouchy oversized carry-alls that were so last, last season, his was structured, yet has this sort of casual elegance about it.

Perhaps it was what he wore. For the record the man was wearing casual polo tee, khaki pants and nice leather shoes.

I looked for the bag online but can't seem to find his exact one.

It had the structure of this Tod's oversized carry-all:

But it's made out of canvas and leather, probably adds to the casual feel of the bag. Like this Prada travel bowler:
And a similar tan colour scheme of this Prada Juta/Python Frame Bag:

Can I have this Prada canvas flap tote instead? Darn it, why can't I be a rich brat too?

Cool, blogger has new features!

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Moi said...

Yep makes me wish I was rich brat too. Waaaahhh!