Sunday, October 08, 2006

Of very pretty things.

I've kept my nails long! And I'm loving it. I feel more... groomed.

So recently I've been experimenting with nail art. Most of time the attempts end up as flops, but sometimes they work.

I searched for nail art websites to draw inspiration from and almost all of the good ones are Japanese! The Japanese are indeed crazy about nail artistry.

Anyway, here are good sites

My Nail House

Trinket Japan
- offers step-by-step instructions

Moga Brook
- very very pretty nail art by professionals.

On an almost totally different note, pretty cupcakes! I'm craving cupcakes at the moment :)

If you too love your gorgeous cupcakes and don't know where in Singapore you can get your hands on them, I sourced out a local cupcake extraodinaire CupCake Momma. Their cupcakes look so fake! In this case that's good :)

Cupcakes instead of a whole birthday cake is just so so cute! I would learn how to bake them but I know I'll suck.

Getting sick by too much sweetness yet? Too bad! I'm in cloying PRETTY MODE!

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