Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Go get inspired: National Museum of Singapore

Perhaps it's the very very very hazy weather that's making me feel... well, hazy. I feel sleepy if not tired half the time, it's getting worrisome.

Over the weekend I was at the National Museum of Singapore for a class field trip and after that went to the Singapore Biennale. $5 single entry pass gets you inside the "Belief" exhibition at the National Museum as well as 3 other places; City Hall, Tanglin Camp, Singapore Art Museum.

There was also a Cartier exhibition at the museum and since then I've obsessed with bling. Photo taking wasn't allowed but rest assured all the pieces was blindingly breathtaking.

The Art of Cartier
Sat 30 Sep - Tue 17 Oct
10 am - 6 pm
Gallery Theatre

The National Museum also underwent some smashing renovation work. Opening in December 2006 would be one of four Singapore Living Galleries: Fashion. Can't wait for that. The other 3 galleries would be Food, Film & Wayang, and Photography [which already houses some spooky old photographs of families].

go to www.nationalmuseum.sg for more details

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