Sunday, September 03, 2006

MTV VMA 2006

Can we stop talking about how dull this year's MTV VMA's is? I told you already, no Madonna no fun.

"I'm sporting a really cute bob but people would be like sooo dumb as to not notice it so I'll just wear my bodysculpting undergarment and force people to avert their attention to my really cute bob. It's really cute isn't it? I know it's cuter than that Maninillilo whats-her-name."

I like the wide pinstriped trousers, but I'm afraid the fancy bra showing through sheer top stunt is still trashy. Sorry.

Um yeah, ok. I sorta like the mini dress and the boots, but the turban in matching dress material kills it for me.

Vanessa Minillo sure loves her bling on her dresses. I vaguely remember the blue gaudy one she wore to the Emmy Awards.

I don't get Paris' outfit, but I love Nicky Hilton's dress from Roberto Cavalli, I believe.

Shakira looks so lovely. I love her makeup, I love her hair, I love her dress, I love Shakira!

Panic! At the Disco are a bunch of very spiffy looking guys. I love the vests, the footwear, the jackets, even the corsarges.

Nude seems to rule. Good to see Christina Aguilera in anything but red, black and white.

Another one who rocks skin colour would be Cassie.

James Blunt's model-girlfriend Petra Nemcova does hippie goddess luxe with shimmery nude and a gold headband.

Heeeeeey yaaaa Mr Andre 3000! Way to tribute Balenciaga's Fall '06, heh.

Justin Timberlake's outfit is so... I don't care, he's too hot. I'm bringing sexyback, YEEAAAH!

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