Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Arab Street Experience

I learnt how to make a skirt today!

I learnt, but doesn't mean I made one. Not completely anyway. I hate sewing machines.

Before going to that class I went to Arab Street to buy cloth. What a place.

I was at Haji Lane first. The most memorable shop for me was this shop chock full of vintage dresses and, get this, kimonos! KIMONOS! How cool is that?! I don't remember its name though. Does it even have a name? It was manned by a granny who invites you into the shop and then leaves you alone to browse to your heart's content.

The other shops pretty much had more organized displays of vintage wear, some are cafe boutiques. Hoity Toity is a pretty place to vintage shop, while House of Japan is an awesome thrift shop which has kimonos as well.

Then we shopped cloth at Arab Street itself. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find cloth that is a bright deep orange?! I ended up buying two metres of cotton sea green [that I later remembered I already have a skirt in a similar colour] and 1 m each of satin black and maroon, just for the fun of it.

My friend and I bought craft materials as well. She did anyway. I only bought cute patches. There were about 3 craft shops along one side of that Arab Street lane. We bought ours at Kin Lee & Co, because they had good air conditioning and because their items are neatly and brightly displayed.

I shall go back there again to buy some more cloth. Though the weather is sweltering hot, the people are nice. They say "hello"!

And the many cafes and restaurants promises a complete Arab Street experience.

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