Sunday, September 10, 2006

For the best Lashes...

Let's deviate a while from Fashion Week shall we?

I want gorgeous lashes. They open the eyes and do wonders for tired peepers. I'm ashamed to say though that I am still afraid of those manual eye curler crimper things.

My lashes are quite long and abundant, unlike most Asians, but it's stick straight and doesn't beautifully curl naturally, unlike the other Asians :(

Which is why I've been looking around for the best mascaras that'll do the job. The easiest to determine the so-called best would be to look for the voted best, duh.

Best from we have DiorShow Mascara.
"This rich, deeply pigmented mascara has a large, full brush to give lashes that "just off the catwalk" look in just one coat. Never clumpy, always sexy."

Her World magazine Editor's Choice and Reader's Choice Revlon Fabulash
"Our exclusive lash maximizing formula works with the patented Lash Perfecting brush to build and separate for 100% fuller, seriously fabulous lashes. Without a clump in sight.
Lash Perfecting brush features short bristles that beautifully thicken, and long bristles to perfectly separate. 100% fuller lashes and no clumps. What could be more Fabulash?"

I read this from somewhere before, I can't recall. It really works.
"Instant Extensions Lenghtening Mascara
> Exclusive Fibrestretch™ formula with supple fibers extends lashes to the extreme.
> Patented extreme lash brush weaves on lash extensions.
> No smudging. No clumping. Just extreme length and ultra-long waterproof wear."

Again, I don't remember where I've read about this but it's awesomeness.
Maybelline XXL microfiber Mascara
"* Step 1 Xtra Lengthening Primer provides dramatic length, perfect for an ultra-glamourous look
* Step 2 Xtra Volumizing Topcoat builds intense, visible lash volume
* Long-wearing formula will not smudge or flake
* Ophthalmologist tested, safe for contact lens users
* Now available in Waterproof for up to 8 hours"

OR I could just use false lashes instead. They're now made less dramatic and less drag queen-worthy :)
"Eyelashes - Strip
Intensify and add depth to your eyes with these high-drama, professional-quality lashes. Create spectacular effects for evening parties, photo shoots, or just for fun.

To use: Apply a small drop of glue to the gathered end of the lash. Position the lash at the base of your natural lashes (not on the skin) push gently to make the glue stick, working from the middle of the eye to the corners. To remove, pull gently.

Professional Tip: To customize your look cut the lashes to create the desired effect." from

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Fashionasia said...

now now...nothing to be afraid. you'll love the crimpers once you tried it...even before the mascara you'll feel that your lashes are pretty already!!!no joke!