Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Urrggggh, I have a bunch of photos to Facebook but darn I'm lazy.

This did it for picture/inspiration of the week for me.
I'm thinking my grunge tshirt and neglected slip dress sounds effortlessly yummy. Perfect. For, you know, when you retire from the pretty and the prissy and the glitz that is atypical of the festive mood and scorn at having to go back to school/work.

Coincidentally, I think the hair with 10 canfuls of hair spray is very befitting of the year of the ox. Hee. I feel silly happy over the tiniest things sometimes, and I like that.

It's not too good that I think Irina rocks smoking shots best huh? Whooops.

[Image Source: foto_decadent]


Is it weird that I'm thinking of joining a photography club with a half-decent not-SLR digital camera? Meh whatevs, they can kick me out if they're intimidated by the pinkness of my camera :)


tis serendipity said...

Go for it, girl! =) If you're interested in photography you should just go ahead and join! See how it goes and maybe you'd be able to learn a lot even if it's not with a dslr...

I'm loving that hairstyle of Irina's! X) very ambitious but very satisfying too if one's able to do it.

Happy CNY!

Zoƫ said...

hey there thanks for commenting on my blog :)
wow those 2 pics are amazing, i love it.
happy CNY !


Anonymous said...

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