Sunday, October 26, 2008

OOTD: Vintage Bib-Front Dress

OOTD: Outfit of the Day.

Pretty perm almost gone, my flat hair is back. I'm giving the perm another week to live and then off to the hairdresser for me. Quite excited :).

Flea market outfit! Nothing caught my fancy, believe it.

I did see a couple of tshirts that I like, but I didn't like the shirt the design was printed on. You know, the thick cotton round neck tees that remind you of secondary school camp tees.

I'm so hungry. What I'd give for some cheese fries.


Anonymous said...

lurve the dress! :) where from?

p/s i also suffered from flat hair wif dying perm, there's only a remedy for it...snip it off!

Sha said...

Hello! Flea market in bangkok!

Thought of it, but noooo. I've had short and shorter hair and this is the first time it has reached this length and I decided I'm a long-hair convert :) but eeeks flat hair.