Sunday, July 13, 2008

NYX Round Lipsticks

Hello to the couple of strayers who have stumbled upon my blog through google searches of "pink elephants" and "metallic tights"!

Annnyywaaay. So I was having a bit of a problem with photoshop BUT then today I realised "heeeey why not I just take smaller resolutioned photos?" YES, double duh to the max.

I guess I'll post swatches. I've been buying an alarming amount of make-up recently. You see, I wanted to save money in not buying clothes but knowing my knack for wanting to spend, I figured that hey make-up's cheaper! and I believe it has turned into an addiction.

As promised, NYX round lipstick swatches! They kicked off my little sprees but these are the fabulousness. I got these for only USD$0.99 per tube! Prices have gone up to $2 per tube, pity.

Let's see, I ordered 7 with alternates and it came back with only four miserable tubes.

Celene: Beige with chunks of goldish shimmers.
Circe: The most perfect nude I've ever seen.
Need lipliner with this though it's so creamy.
Georgia: Very pretty pink-coral. My favourite.
Rose: Hot pink-red with subtle blue accents.

Without Flash
From Left: Celene, Circe, Georgia, Rose.

With Flash, same order.

Review: The lipsticks are verry creamy, very pigmented and so packed with colour. No funky cheap make-up smell, just a very faint apparently rose scent. Their lasting power is not bad also.
Con: Pretty packaging, but not very durable. I dropped Celene and the entire stick broke. Still usable though, just doesn't look nice.

And yesterday a package came in with my second purchases! Third one making its way! HAHA!

Princessa Lipsticks, NYX Diamond Sparkle (ridiculously overpriced in Singapore), NYX Concealer in a jar, NYX Flat Top Brush (MAC 187 dupe!).

But hey, half of these are gifts for people. NYX for colleagues, and concealer for friend.

A photo of the top half of my vanity settop, simply because it looks preeeetttyy :)

But no worries, I have averted my attention back to wonderful wonderful clothes!
The cure: TOPSHOP SALE. I was there on its first day of secret saleness (thank you topshop insider!) Close to $100 gone in one shot at Topshop, never done that before and it feeeeeels so good!

That said however... MAC Heatherette collection is FINALLY launched! Ooopsies. I was going to get their beauty powders on Friday, but they were delayed in shipping. Poo.

I'm thirsty and I'm lemming for some bubble tea. Shall run out and see if I feel like another post when I come back!


M said...

liked your blog!!

Eleh said...

woo. that's a whole lot of make-up.
right. im being rude here. why hello there fellow singaporean :D

Sha said...

hello there fellow singaporean!

That's only one floor of my vanity tier, but even then trust me this is not a whole lot! I've seen bigger collections so this is nuts :)

Anonymous said...

I always inspired by you, your opinion and way of thinking, again, appreciate for this nice post.

- Norman