Sunday, November 04, 2007

This is NOT a fashionable post.

There are too many things to do online! How does one seriously keep up?

Anyway I downloaded Yahoo! Widgets and Joost and honestly speaking both are not doing anything for me but make my system lag.

Widgets makes use of organising applications such as time, games, cam viewers that you can download into your desktop. Joost is a program that allows you to watch tv shows or music videos in hi-def whenever you want to as long as there's an internet connection.

The widgets were cute, and downloading animated cartoons and games on your desktop seemed fun initially but now they're just a bother *smacks dancing hula girl at the bottom of screen*.

Joost on the other hand is not user-friendly enough for me and there's not that much shows on it anyway. Perhaps I'm just not using it right, but I can't be bothered nor have the time even to explore properly. It has a nice interface though. I'll probably remove both applications later on.

This, fyi, is the result of taking the new communications technology module in school. It's easy to be amazed when exposed to the kind of technology that have evolved and will continuously evolve, but to be constantly on the know you have to be dedicated. Unfortunately, that kind of dedication I do not have.

I'm just not interested enough, or I get bored easily. In other words it all boils down to me having better things to do.

As fun as Facebook is even, I hardly visit anymore, unless it is to upload photos or when I get email notifications.

I have yet to try out Second Life as well, a social networking site where you can use [and earn, I heard] real money.

I was suppose to post about something very simple and highly superficial but somehow I continued rambling about all these junk that I've tried out. Apologies for that.

It is ironic that "Fall Behind Me" by The Donnas is playing in my iTunes right now.

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