Monday, November 05, 2007

The First Day.

1) The people were extremely friendly and hospitable :).
2) I went to my first meeting and received a business card (which has a freaking cool design). Yes, I think receiving business cards is a big deal hmmph.
3) I thought I wouldn't be doing anything constructive on the first day and was looking forward to slacking. I thought really wrong.
4) They thought that I was a multimedia student. When someone asked, I made sure I told them I was a mass communication student interested in creative advertising. AND made sure I was audible enough for them to hear.
5) Tomorrow I'll get kicked out of my current desk because someone else who is not an intern is coming in. Hur hur.
6) Casual wear everyday!

Felt silly wearing corporate the first day, even after calling them to confirm the dress code. Was dressed to impress. Unfortunately nobody cared -_-.

The brand-new vintage [oxymoronic much] dress with the really pretty bow.

Wore a white belt as well in the middle but I took it off before remembering to take a photo of the outfit.

Yes, I am very addicted to playing Pokemon on the obsolete, super bulky, very early but not enough to be retro, Nintendo Game Boy.