Friday, September 21, 2007

Spring '08 Wrap-Up: Betsey Johnson

School is starting on monday! Which explains the slow update - been trying to make full use of whatever holiday that's left! Now to figure out how to appease my mom and regain some lost sleep :(

Anyway, it's retro Prom night at Betsey Johnson.

Adorable pouffy dresses with layers and layers of tulle in a yummy bubblegum colour palette makes me wish we had a better prom.

I like how there're different looks for different, uh, cliques. Heh.

Another thing to love - the quirky and genius accessorising.

The Couples

Going Solo

I found some gorgeous purses myself and I'll upload them asap.
Uploading is such a hassle now. Hate losing things *grumbles*

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