Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Of Vintage Bags and Missed Love

Much apologies for the lack of content.

I've been busy the past few days spending as much time with my bestie the shameless farter who's going to Ireland for 4 freaking months. I think that was an attempt to be so sick of each other that we won't miss each other or something.

Anyway I saw the most quintessential bag/luggage ever while in Chinatown a few days ago.

It's a hand luggage/bag because I would bring this to school or work (interning next semester! yay?).

ME WANTS! It was pretty affordable too! I would've bought it immediately if I still had pocket money. I worked a few days back too, hoping to get a full day's pay but because we were so efficient *coughs* our work was done in a mere 2 hours.

It's insides has the most adorable lining.

It was lying pretty alongside the other prettier bags and chests.

There was also another bigger vintage luggage.

My friend decided to bring a vintage bag to Ireland as well:

Heeeeeeeeeeeeee. I like it la, honestly :)

IT Fair was fun.
"Fast Pass" was fun.
Emoticon and webcam craziness was fun.
Impromptu stayovers was fun.
Super late suppers/super early breakfast was fun.

Not hearing your shameless farting for 4 months, not so fun.

I miss you already dork :(

PS. A leprechaun isn't a freaky green goblin monster, it's a cute little person who travels via rainbows and carries a pot of gold around.

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