Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Korean fashion revived my Hoodie obsession

I've been looking at a lot of Korean fashion nowadays and I really love them. For one the models don't do that cutesy thingy that at certain times you just want to slap them for.

I don't know if its the Korean people or their ability to put together an outfit, but their photos simply ooze style. They have none of the extremities of Japanese fashion, and none of the straightforward, unfinished looks of Taiwan/Hong Kong.

Of course, I'm only judging Asian fashion based on what I've seen on the net so far and what is being sold there online. Still, I think my judgement is fair.

Hey, some may argue it's too conventional, but maybe that's what I love about it and I'm fine with that.

One more thing.

*throws happy confetti in the air*
Tell me all the photos look freaking awesome.
I need need need need more hoodies!
Doesn't even matter the weather is stifling hot at the moment!


ambika said...

The striped one with the batwing sleeves is very cool.

I wear hoodies like cardigans. They're a real staple in my wardrobe. I really didn't need encouragement to buy more ;)

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