Friday, June 29, 2007

Hoodies with less sleeve are also LOVE

I was supposed to do a post on short-sleeved hoodies a while ago but I forgot, probably because I already go myself a nice piece tee hee. I know, I should really get around to uploading photos.

Anyway, I love short-sleeved hoodies because they're like hoodies, except less, uh, warm. Which would make a lot of sense if you live in an all-year tropical climate like I do and have an obsession with hoodies :).

These are from Wetseal's sale section:

Pricier but more unique versions from UrbanOutfitters:

Diesel bubble-sleeved! I like it.

Short-sleeved? Make it no sleeve!
Nah, doubt I like this, looks way unfinished. Sleeves make all the difference.

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facehood said...

Dear Fashionable,
I totally agree with you that hoodies are great. I've been a fan of hoodies ever since I saw a hoodie for the first time many years ago. Like you, I also like them with short sleeves or no sleeves. Maybe some day we should make a club for the friends of the hoodies.
Alle the best for you,