Friday, December 01, 2006

Store spotlight: Misamu

Check out!

I love a bunch of things there, but unfortunately I cannot afford the expensive designer labels :(

Things that I really really covet:

Ya-Ya Ballet Sweater Heather Grey

Fine, so the name bought me. Yes, I swoon over anything that has "ballet" in them.
But I truly love this piece - chic wide sleeves and its 100% cashmere *drools*

LaROK Metallic Foil Jacket Truffle

I would expect a metallic jacket to look very tacky but this one rocks my socks. The texture is absolutely gorgeous.
I'd wear this when I want to do less-fierce-looking rock chick with retained coolness.

True Religion Julie Rinse Denim Jeans

Super skinny jeans that look ready to kill. I am one of the few who does not have a pair of skinny jeans [GASP!] and looking at this pair makes me crazy.

Can I have a pair pretty please!!!

I need shoes too.

Development Empire Silk Pleated Dress

This dress is simplea and sexy, instead of looking cheap and trashy.
I like the slight bubble and the halter wide straps.

Other notable labels include Velvet, Ella Moss and Grass Jeans. Go get stuff from there!

And exclusive[as i choose to believe] to lovely TheFashionable readers: enter coupon code "holiday" at checkout to enjoy a 20% discount.


Moi said...

Oh my God, I love all the pieces you picked out! Those red bow shoes are crazy!

dorte said...

Great outfits. Your taste in style is excellent.

Just to make you a little envious. I live in Denmark, and we have lots of H&M stores (I remember you wrote, that you wish H&M had stores in Singapore). Yesterday I bought 4 pullovers in 4 awsome and outrageous colours. Half price - a real bargain ;-)

Keep on writing, fashion girl.

Dorte Egbert Nielsen