Friday, September 15, 2006

Vera Wang SS07

I was a little surprised at Vera Wang's collection... It's actually more fit for casual. There's still Vera Wang elements such as the sheer fabrics and the billowy delicateness of the looks. This time round she added pants, did some layering, and even footwear was lot more casual.

Some of the designs remind me of other designers though, like Marc Jacobs. Surely the one designers have been seeking inspiration from is being influenced by trendier designers?

Nonetheless, I love the collection! I share a deep relationship with all things sheer, lacy and girly.

The pants, layering, and bagginess works.

Casual footwear.

I love the use of the grey sweater over the outfit. Another attempt at casualizing the look.
And sheer tights/capris? Wild.

Very young, flirty look, but the oversized jacket neutralizes it and makes it not overbearing.

I love the wrap jacket.
But anything that could make the model look hippy is not one of my covetables.

Miu Miu, much?

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