Friday, September 01, 2006

DIY dresses?

In an attempt to make myself a more well-rounded person, I took up a crash course in skirt making hoping that in a short span of 2 hours I'd be able to sew.

I did sewing in home economics and remembered being terrible at it. I preferred cooking to sewing, andI hate cooking x_x.

But never mind, I'm sure I'd have fun. The class is next week, but I've already looked around for nice DIY websites I can turn to. So far, Craftster has been inspirational.

I think I'd love my first project to be a dress. It's just one big clothe right so how complicated could it get? The dresses worn by La Parisians taken off Face Hunter here look possible enough.

Right, easier said than done I think. Ah well, I'll have fun :)

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